Sunday, February 27, 2011


We're a band, right?  And a band needs a press kit to send to blogs and record labels and all that, right?  (ed. There aren't any record labels.)  So we took some photos in the practice space.  They are, arguably, not the very best photos ever taken by a human.  Or a mammal.  Indeed, there have been reports of dolphins accidentally snapping better photos than these while breaching.  But here are a couple anyway.  Don't tell Chris I posted these.  He'll be...well, he won't like it.  

Don't forget, we're playing Trash Bar on Wednesday, with Marks!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Shows, Reviews and More!

Our friend Sam Ueda, who fronts the highly infectious electro-pop outfit Felix and Volcano, gave us a lovely little write-up on his blog.  Thanks, Sam!  We're going to be hooking up with Felix and Volcano to do some shows in the near future, so stay tuned!

Last night (2/23/11) was my brother's birthday.  But it was also our second gig at Goodbye Blue Monday, which went pretty darn well!  Check out some terrible (but fun) footage below:

Bel Argosy at Goodbye Blue Monday, 2/23/11

Finally, start getting ready for our big TRASH BAR debut, this coming Wednesday at 9:00!  We want to get a huge turnout, so start spreading the word!

More from us soon!  Until then, enjoy this image:

Saturday, February 19, 2011

WEDNESDAY 2/23 @ Goodbye Blue Monday

So, you know, Wednesday nights get a bad rap, as far as 11 PM rock concerts are concerned.  We aim to change all of that this week, by playing a really great show at 11 PM on a Wednesday night.  Come see us!

Oh, a little trivia this week:  Did you know that our lead guitarist, Beau Alessi, is also one of the pioneering rap wizards behind the annual NBA All-Star Jam?  Well he is.  The guy is so versatile.  And well-mannered, too, which you might not get from listening to his music.  So come to our show and ask Beau all sorts of questions about Carmelo Anthony's scoring antics, on and off the court.